Terrorism by any other name

From the New York Times (free subscription required):

‘Mr. Cheney warned that the coming conflict would have to be fought “in the shadows” with the help of unsavory intelligence sources, and despite a 1976 executive order banning assassinations by the government, said he saw nothing to prevent the United States from killing Mr. bin Laden if it could find him. Asked by the “Meet the Press” moderator, Tim Russert, if he would like Mr. bin Laden’s “head on a platter,” Mr. Cheney replied, “I would take it today.”‘

A war by unconventional methods? I should think so. And these comments coming as Bin Laden denies a second time that he has had anything to do with these attacks. When CNN reports than the US is widening it’s probe to include other, non-Al Queda suspects. Essentially, it sounds like the US government is telling the media to not track every move, so that they can act as they will. Use covert operatives, etc. Perhaps stretch ‘the rules of engagement’. The last thing America needs right now is the media to find out that it is committing war crimes, or that it is slaughtering innocent civilians, regardless of what country they live in. I feel the US population might turn against them at this point. Americans are highly aware of the cost of civilian casualties at this point, annd probably won’t support them. No matter who they are. Or maybe I’m just idealistic, and as along as the deaths aren’t American they won’t care whether the deaths are military or not.

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