Saturday randoms

So I got a comment from yesterday’s post from someone I don’t know. And boy, did that throw me for a loop! Of course, I realise that a website is a public place and that anyone could conceivably come across it and read it. On the other hand, I never really expected anyone to. So it was a shock. I momentarily went ‘holy fuck! I gotta shut this thing down! Anyone could read it!’ But then, I remembered, one of the draws of the blog is exactly that: anyone could read it. There’s nothing like semi-anonymous confessions, or whatever these can be considered to make me feel better about things.. I think it’s a 5 thing. Anyhoo, I of course followed the link back to the poster , and from there, found what this post was going to be about – StorTrooper. Here’s the Stor Trooper me:

stor trooper Steve

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