Digital Cable

So Leah and I got digital cable today, which is great – sort of.

We already watch a fair amount of TV. Well, really, the TV is often on while we’re doing other things. The fact that we only have one working computer probably exacerbates this, as we both use the computer to do pretty much anything, and so while one person is working, the other person often watches TV. Plus, I tend to watch a lot of sports – hockey all week, football on sundays.

Also, we don’t go out that much. This is partially a financial thing, but mostly, I think it’s just that I enjoy Leah’s company more than pretty much anyone else’s, and so if she’s home, I really have little incentive to go out and be with anyone else. While at home, we can listen to whatever music we want, watch movies, read books, read the news, discuss any of the above, or just give the cats catnip and watch the ensuing chaos. All the things I like to do, and I like to do with Leah. One of the ‘perk’s of digital cable is the movie channels. There is now guaranteed to always be a movie on somewhere. If there’s not one on the regular channels, there are 40-odd pay-per-view channels that I can now apparently order at the touch of a button. So basically, there’s always movies. I don’t know if they broadcast these in dolby digital, but our receiver can certainly handle that, which means dvd-quality broadcast movies, to me.

The day that I can get DVD-on-demand, that is, choose the movie, watch it when I want, watch the exta features (yep – I’m one of those geeks who’ll watch the whole movie with the [person X]’s comments to learn just that little bit more about the movie (if I like it)), etc, is the day that I no longer leave the house. I kid. But I’d probably go to the video store less, and buy less DVD’s, which might be a good thing.

So, we’ll see how this thing goes. Channel’s I’m the most stoked about?

National Geographic Channel

Movie Channels (all of them)

Book Television


Comedy Channel (whatever it’s called)

The WB!!!

BBC World

Probably others as I discover them.

Oh, this is an unconfirmed thing: Pride TV, which is apparently part of my package, does not appear to work. I was told by Leah that you have to ask them to turn it on, because it offends their religious customers. So, we’ll have to ask for that. However, I’m offended that NOW TV, which is a religious channel, is on channel 10. A plain old, lower-tier cable channel. I don’t want religion entering my living room unannounced, and if I had children, I certainly would much rather they watch Pride TV than any religion-based programming. So WTF? I should start a letter-writing campaign, I tell ya. Get Religious programming onto channels that you have to ask for specifically, if they make Pride TV a channel you have to ask for specifically. Either one is a way of life that makes some people uncomfortable. Hetero/christian-centric double standards suck!