So I discovered Powells.com today.

And finally, I found an online bookstore that feels like I’m wandering through Elliot Bay or Duthie’s on Fourth. They’ve managed to imbue their entire site with an atmosphere of book-loving. I’m not sure if it’s their collection of interesting interviews with interesting authors, or the water-color images, but this site has character. And nothing is more important to my book-shopping experience than character. It’s why I’ll shop at the Granville Book Company instead of Chapters. And curiously, while the GBC has maybe 1/100th the stock of Chapters, I’ve almost always found what I was looking for. And often times, things that I wasn’t looking for, but want anyways.

Mmm…now I want to go buy books. Like the new Irvine Welsh. Or that Samual Delany book Caterina was talking about.