Swiss Massacre

The Column of headlines at for today, at 9:30 am (PST) are as follows:

‘U.S., British Special forces in Afghanistan’

‘Air Canada flight diverted with F-16 escort’

‘One million Afghans at risk’


‘Mother wins in Edwards custody case’

‘Violence continues in Belfast district’

‘Commonwealth meeting postponed’

‘Arabs mark year of Palestinian uprising’

‘Canadian Forces underfunded, lobby group says’

‘Klein slashes Alberta budget by $500 million’

‘Third, Fourth quarters to be ‘tough,’ Martin says’

‘Cargo plane detained in Moscow with explosives’

‘Ontario Tories thwart call for federal Ipperwash inquiry’

‘Swiss fear for open democracy after killings’

‘Charges against teen auther dropped’

I’d like everyone to have a look again at the headline about Switzerland. Why the hell isn’t that the top story? some 15-odd politicians and aides were slaughtered in the parliament by a lone gunment, the worst incident in Swiss history, apparently. This also fundamentally challenges the way Switzerland has operated, as an everyone-is-welcome system, where everyone is welcome to debate. I mean, that there are ‘special forces’ (to be) deployed in Afghanistan is old news. We knew this a while ago. Is no one else tired of journalists digging up empty ‘stories’ related to this U.S. mission? I sure am. When there’s something to report, tell me. Until then, give me real news, about things that are more important.

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