Sketchy Union job.

So this job posting was in the Vancouver Sun:


This could be it!

A fully unionized company is expanding in BC. We have openings for 3 people who:

1)Believe in the unions philosophy

2)Interact well with others

3)Need to make a bare minimum of $600 / wk to start

Your job is to deliver & explain benefits that union members had negotiated for them.

If you qualify, we offer:

  • Health, Life & Retirement benefits
  • A genuine career opportunity
  • Advancement into management
  • Complete training
  • Weekly paychecks

Take the next step toward your financial freedom.

Fax resume 604 439-1547

Attn: Human Resources

Now my question is : which company is this? Why the hell is this such a secretive posting? It doesn’t even really describe what you do, or what qualifications are needed. Maybe none are, I don’t know. But any add that doesn’t specify who it is that you’ll be working for, is worth thinking twice about, I feel.