Tom the dancing bug

Tom the dancing bug returns with this. It’s achingly unfunny (and yet hilarious) and horrific, and does a great job expressing the unapproachable magnitude of loss that needs to be expressed in NYC, I feel. That sense that no matter what, the line ‘terrorists detroyed the world trade center killing thousands’ will pop up in conversation sooner or later. It’s good to see this starting to be addressed in daily strips. The only one I’d seen previously was User Friendly.

Last night, at Day & Nicole’s birthday party, I think it took about an hour to come up. Which is pretty good. Actually, it came up because Abby had gone to see AI on the 11th, as a break from watching CNN all the time. Of course, you can imagine how that went if you’ve seen it. I can’t remember a mainstream movie that I found as disturbing as AI in recent memory.

If anyone has other web-comics that have had interesting pieces related to all this, please let me know.

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