Good Gord!

So Gordon Campbell is looking to privatize parts of our healthcare system. apparently, the ‘healthcare system is not sustainable as it is and there may be opportunities for the private sector to change that’. Yeah, I think there is. They could bloody well pay taxes. Since the massive tax cuts earlier this year, Gordon Campbell has quietly gone about slashing programs left, right and centre. In addition, he has already revised the growth estimates in the province once, from pie-in-the-sky-fairyland high, to where’d-he-get-the-dank ridiculous right now. The loss in tax revenue spiralled this budget to be the highest deficit in B.C. history, I believe. It’s funny how now all of a sudden healthcare is no longer sustainable. Why isn’t it that massive tax cuts are no longer sustainable? It has been promised that neither healthcare nor education will have their budgets cut. However, several ‘alternative’ programs in each have been scaled back or eliminated altogether. More to the point, if the healthcare system is not sustainable on its current budget, does it not simply make more sense to allocate more spending to it? Nothing is more important than the health of a nation. Healthy people are happy people.

And no, the rich should not by some sort of ‘right’ have better access to healthcare than the poor. Equal access to healthcare must be a right to everyone.

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