SHiNDiG (week 4)

So last night was another edition of SHiNDiG at the Railway club.

It was not very good last night, which is a shame, as I was a judge, so I had a hard decision : which of these three bands that I didn’t like should win?

Anyhoo, the first band. ‘Disco Incognito’ was a mess of a band – mixing ska with generic metal. And just plain too loud. They’d already been asked to turn it down, and my ears were still hurting afterwards. Blegh. The second band was a one-man thing named ‘Mr. Plow’. If he wasn’t so clearly a joke, I probably would have voted him first, as he was hilarious. Really dark, bitter humor that I quite enjoy. Included songs such as ‘I hate the Tragically Hip’ and ‘Incest’, an ode to the joys thereof.

The last band, ‘0 as is’ was what you’d find if you looked up ‘no-talent pretentious prog-rock’ in the dictionary. There were definitely the most interesting, however, putting forth a bad mixture of punk and new wave. They got bonus points because their drummer played an iBook, rather than a drumset…

In the end, I voted in reverse order of appearance.

Hopefully next week will be better..

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  1. I feel ya Mr. Plow. Tragically Hip’s last album, Music @ Work, was terrible. I, for one, had a great time at the show. Definitely helped me take my mind off all that craziness in New York last month. Hopefully that all blows over soon.

  2. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could put all your music, your pictures and videos all on one device that you could also use as your phone? That would be rad!!!

  3. I remember that dude from disco incognito, he was a rather large specimen. I can’t imagine he made anything of his life really.

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