A dirty little secret of mine is that I’m a dictionary nerd. I love dictionaries. When I was younger, I used to read the dictionary. I don’t anymore, but that’s because I’ve also become a dictionary snob, and will not be satisfied until I own the two-volume OED set. Which costs an arm and a leg.

But in the interim I thought I’d make use of dictionary.com’ word of the day to educate the masses who visit my site. So, whenever fancy takes me, I’m going to use dictionary.com’s word of the day in some way during a post, and I’ll link the word back to them so you can look it up.

I once considered myself a card-carrying member of the clerisy. However, in recent years, the smug arrogance of my youth has worn off, as I realise more and more that while yes, I’m fairly well-read and well-thought, I don’t contribute anything. I don’t write publicly (well, apart from this now), I don’t go to conferences, I’ve all but stopped reading journals and books related to fields that interest me. I contine to read, but now it’s mostly novels. Admittedly, one can learn a great deal about society from novels, but I think to be considered an intellectual elite, a certain familiarity with contemporary theory, that I currently lack, is required. Also, I doubt that the literati comma-splice as much as I do.

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