Babeness & Fall

So it’s officially Fall. Now, I know that fall started some time ago (is sep. 21st the first day?), but this week was the first time it felt like fall to me. You know – crisp, cool air, falling leaves – sweater weather! Fall is by far my favourite season. If I was somewhere snowy, winter might surpass it, but as it just rains here on the wet coast, fall wins.

As it turns to fall, this when I start to notice people. Many comment that for people watching, summer is best time. Women are out in summer dresses, men out in shorts; each displaying much of what they have to offer. I, however, am not so impressed. It’s easy to look good in the summer – glistening perspiration, heat, skimpy clothes…it’s like the world becomes a Maxim magazine.

How you know someone is really a babe is how they look when covered up. If you can look damn sexy wearing a sweater and a pair of pants, then you know you’re a babe. Leah’s got a great cool-weather wardrobe. Which is maybe why I’m always so hot for her. She also has attributes that almost show up more when wearing less revealing clothes : really great hair styles, and the most beautiful smile. I could go on, but this will become saccharine quickly. In boys, my tastes run a little bit to the epicene. I like ’em thin, wiry and clean-shaven. When flipping through the magazines it’s always the non-muscle-bound ones that I think look good in whatever they’re wearing. And everyone knows that thin people don’t look as good in shorts and tank tops. They almost look chicken-like. So fall is a time for them to shine too – not yet lost in the bundles of winter wear, they can strut their stuff.

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