I went and saw Serendipity last night with Leah.

I can’t say I terribly enjoyed it. It was decent enough to serve it’s purpose, which was to get us out of the house and doing something/anything for a couple of hours that didn’t involve computers, and was really very sweet. Plus, Kate Beckinsale (Sara) appeals to my cross-class fantasies of the rich girl from Knightsbridge to my poor boy from Croydon thing. Not that I’m from Croydon. But my grandparents used to live in a suburb of Croydon, so there. Anyhoo, I digress. Now, I really like John Cusack (Jonathon) as an actor. I think he makes every film he’s in better than it should be by all rights, and the same holds true here. Jeremy Piven, who I also quite like, also features prominently in it. But the problem with the film is that all four of the main characters were psychos! I couldn’t identify with any one of them! I couldn’t imagine wanting to spend my life with any of them! John Corbett (Lars) (of Northern Exposure fame) plays Yanni. Only more pretentious (‘why doesn’t the tribe invite me to their feast?’). He’s also incredibly self-absorbed (trying to fit the honeymoon into his tour plans). Sara is flighty and new-agey in the worst of ways. Jonathon is obsessive/compulsive (not to mention that he’s set to marry a woman he doesn’t love). Bridget Moynahan (Hally) is not really a character, beyond her wedding obsession (that she’s planned since she was little – all she ever wanted to do was to get married).

Anyhoo. I don’t recommend it. But it would be a decent Sunday movie, I suppose.

Oh, and I slept the sleep of the dead last night

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