Gun control.

The crime rates and statistics for Vancouver and Seattle are virtually identical, with one glaring exception – the number of gun-related deaths. Admittedly, this is from a New England Journal of Medecine study done some 14 years ago now, but I would be surprised if things have changed that much.

America’s relationship with guns is far from healthy,and now it looks as if an advocate for gun control (his big push was to force trigger locks and safety training for gun owners – how radical!) may have paid for his views on gun control as he was shot in his home. Either that, or this is cruel irony.

I remember something my sister, who now lives in Seattle said – “here, when our kids want to go over to one of their friends’ houses to play, we’ll have to ask their parents if they have a gun in the house. If they say yes, I don’t know if I’ll let my kids go”. Which is not something that would have ever occured to her to ask in Canada, I’ll bet.

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