So today, my horoscope reads:

‘Today there could be a lot of hustle and bustle in your life, Steve. You might have friends paying social calls. Or your phone could be ringing off the hook with clients. The flow of people will be increased. You might find that your office is filled with coworkers who need to speak with you. Or you house could be overflowing with visitors at the end of the day.’

And this is so true today. I had scheduled a lunch with Craig today and tonight is another installment of SHiNDiG, so I’ll be seeing Mark and Ben (at least) later on. So my social calendar is pretty full (for a recluse like me). Then, when I woke up, I got a call from Sid who desperately needs help finishing off a project that doesn’t have time for (and by the sounds of it, is super-stressed out about right now). So now I have this unexpected work that will probably keep me really busy all day too. So that horoscope was pretty bang on.


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