End of complacency

So I’ve been feeling satisfied for a whole day now, as I had a really great day yesterday. Today, of course, that had to change.

Brishen forwarded me this link to an archived ‘Quirks & Quarks’ radio broadcast about breast cancer tests.

The excerpt is here .

Below is the abstract of the discussion:

This past summer, an American biotech company called Myriad Genetics sent “cease and desist” letters to all the Canadian provinces, ordering them to stop genetic testing for breast cancer. Myriad owns the patent for the two key breast cancer genes, brCA1 and brCA2, and it said that all tests involving those genes must be done by the company itself.

Our medical ethics columnist, Dr. Miriam Shuchman, looks at the ethical implications. She teaches medical ethics at the State University of New York in Buffalo, and is a medical journalist in Toronto.

Myriad Genetics can be found here, so that you may write them angry, vituperative email.

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