Bad dreams

So last night I had really bad dreams – here’s an excerpt…

Open on a classic hollywood haunted house, in the Tudor style.

Cut to:interior -furniture is covered in white sheets, dust everywhere. Pan over to leaded glass window. Sound of rain pattering against it. A white shape moves across the field behind. Zoom in on leaded glass. In the MSOffice for Mac font, titles (that I can’t read). The white figure gets closer.

Cut to:just outsite window. White figure is revealed as a skeletal clown with a large sword.

(I wake up, have some water, go back to sleep).

Opens on a lawn leading to a lake. Several 80’s era cars are in the gravel parking lot. Several groups of people are sitting in groups, talking, laughing and drinking. It is dusk and a thin mist is rising off the water. There is a wooden trestle-bridge (????) high overhead. Pan around. Ghoul-clown walks out of parking lot onto grass. Several drunk guys turn and laugh. Follow ghoul-clown to bridge-support.

Cut to:behind the trestle-bridge support at the waters edge.

Sarah and Bobby are making out at the water here. Bobby gives sarah his school ring.

-Oh bobby, I love you so much!

-Sarah, you know what this is?

-your superbowl ring?

Ghoul-clown appears behind them, now wielding sword.


Ghoul-clown slices through the air. Sarah jumps, but apparently is uninjured. Ghoul-clown lops of bobby’s head, which flies several feet into the water. Blood spurts like a geyser from his neck, covering Sarah. Sarah screams (horror-movie style), and runs off-screen.

Cut to:Group of people drinking in a circle. Cast includes My Grandmother, Sunera Thobani, Lauren, My Dad, Moe Sihota, 3 others and a large dog. Sarah runs up to them screaming. Behind her, ghoul-clown calmly approaches with blood dripping from the sword.

-Oh my God that thing killed bobby!

Sarah collapses down in circle. As she does, her head rolls off and blood rushes everywhere.

Everyone stands up and runs to cars.

Cut to:Interior of sedan (travelling). This car is bumper-to-bumper with car in front. Front car include Moe Sihota, the 3 others and the large dog. Moe is driving. In this car, is my grandmother, Sunera Thobani (front seats), Lauren, My Dad and me. I’m in the middle seat. The car in front appears to be towing this one. Though the car in front is british, this car is North American and my Grandmother is behind the wheel. We turn onto the M25, and suddenly the car ahead pulls away. We are coasting. My grandmother can’t reach the pedals or the wheel. Suddenly, the steering wheel has switched sides, as have my grandmother and Sunera Thobani. I lean forward and grab the wheel. Road turns into My City Playmat from when I was a child. Road splits in two with 90-degree turns making the two directions form an ‘O’. Lauren explains that it’s to slow down traffic. We’ve almost stopped now. We pull off into the lego (???). A cop car with sirens approaches in the distance. I pull the steering wheel off and leap into the front.

-Hurry up! We have to go before the cops get here!

Sunera Thobani disapears, my grandmother is on the right, the steering wheel is on the left and I’m driving. I start the car. The cops slow down as they pass by. One of them leans out, fat an bulbous and shouts.

-Wankah! (British accent).

I start the car and take off.

I wake up.

Now is that fucked up or what!??!!

Bleh. Now I’m all tired and achey. And still can’t sleep.

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