Looks like the Fusebox 3.0 Spec will be released this week. It looks great. I downloaded the demo app from Hal Helms’ site, and it appears that the new ‘engine’ tags address the main issue I’ve been having with using my hybrid FB1/FB2 app – which is loss of scope when calling an application as a custom tag. This has been a major stumbling block with my development of a custom content manager application. Ideally, the custom content manager would sit in the Custom tags directory on a webserver, and any number of sites on the same server call the same codebase. This will make installation on new sites just that much easier, and perhaps more importantly ensure that everyone is using the same code. Currently, to call this as a custom tag there’s some really, really ugly code that must be put in the calling site’s directory. Which is just no good at all…I’m only at version 0.9 right now, an already the two sites that make use of the demo app are using mutually incompatible versions of the code. The public site, fortunately, is using the ‘real’ code, while my playground buried deep within Digitopolis‘ website is not. When I have some time I’ll update the DB so that it can run the new code.

By the by, the word of the day is popinjay. I don’t particularly have a use for it, but it sure does sound silly as it rolls off the tongue. Say it a few times and just examine how it feels exiting your mouth. It’s an odd one!

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