tannock.net radio!

New to Tannock.net : Radio!

That’s right kids, you can now listen to the same music I do! You can be cool by proxy! Or if you’re cooler than me, you can be a nerd by proxy!

So, point your ears here..

Over the next couple of days I’ll pop up a section that’ll detail who you might find on here. And, as a note, as this is semi-random, I’ve excluded all my continuous mix music. Which means that this is more rocky than my personal collection is, percentage-wise, but you’ll just have to live with it. Currently, you should be able to experience Al Green, Fiona Apple, Cake, Bebel Gilberto, Bassment Jaxx, Bruce Springsteen, Chemical Brothers, Beck and possibly some others. I can’t remember right now. But enjoy! Oh – I’m not sure of the bandwidth on here, so if it’s really bad, let me know, and I’ll complain to the powers that be (and here too!).

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