Today I feel all nervy and bleh. And why? Because Malcolm, the production manager was laid off. And why was he laid off? Because Sue and Marian decided to not continue expanding, and so with such a small crew, a production manager became an unaffordable luxury apparantly. Which seems like sound reasoning. And we who remain are assured that all our jobs are safe. However, watching a company contract is never fun. Part of what made Communicopia such an awful place sometimes was watching all these great people go all the time. Points for Sue and Marian in that they did a MUCH better job, it appears, of letting someone go than Jason/Day ever did. Which is says much more about what years of managerial experience will do for you than it does about personalities, as I love Day. The last company I worked, that nightmare called Up In Front, went through various contractions before I jumped ship. But still, I was nervy about joining a company again, based entirely on past experiences with Communicopia and Up In Front. Hopefully, this is the endpoint here, and I can return to just worrying about whether I can get a 5% performance increase by using iif()s.

Of course, part of why I’m jittery is that until Leah gets work, I just can’t afford to not be working. Now, having glanced (honestly! just a glance!) at last night, I know I could get work in a flash. But that’s really not the point, because I really like it here. I like the people here, I like what I get to here and I like the pacing here. It feels right, y’know?

But still, Bleh.

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