no cookies?

The EU is pondering banning cookies.

Well, not entirely:

The amendment, proposed by Dutch Parliament member W.G. van Velzen, likens cookies to “hidden identifiers” that track and store information on an Internet users’ surfing habits.

The existence of such a technology, the amendment states, “may seriously intrude on the privacy of these users. The use of such devices should therefore be prohibited unless the explicit, well-informed and freely given consent of the users concerned has been obtained.”

In other words, sites must be open and explicit about their cookie practices. And they won’t be allowed to set any cookies without users’ consent. Which doesn’t seem like such a bad thing to me. The downside that The Interactive Advertising Bureau U.K sees is a world where people have to re-enter certain data with each visit. Like a username and password? Like what you do every time you turn on a computer? Gee. That’s rough.

I like the proposed law, and hope that something like that comes along to this side of the pond soon.