Frozen mouth

So I’m just back from the periodontist, where I have just had my upper jawbone cracked, and elarged by 3.5 millimetres. And why? Because in 10 weeks, I’m going to have a titanium screw inserted in there, which in another few months after that, will anchor a permanent fake tooth to replace the one I’m missing. (top, a facing me, the one immediately to the left of my front teeth). So the whole right side of my mouth is still mostly frozen, although I’m now feeling a dull ache. I had a headache during the procedure, and it has gotten worse since then. I have this gel pack to apply to the area for 10 minutes every 1/2 hour, and I could take a couple of tylenol I suppose, but otherwise, I’m on my own. I’m expecting to feel like hell soonish, but so far so good.

I’m getting hungry, so I guess I’ll eat some soft food soonish for dinner…maybe mashed potatoes! Yumm!

Anyhoo, Dr. Munns, my periodontist, took some pictures during the procedure. When the entire ordeal is done, a few months from now, I’ll get a copy of them all on CD. Then, just to gross the world out, I’ll post them up on this site (with warnings, of course).