Phantom Edit Redux

So I downloaded a copy of the Phantom Edit, which I discussed yesterday and watched it. Well scanned it, as the sound (when it was there) was atrocious. Mostly I was watching for the scene edits. And really, it seemed a much better movie. All sorts of Jar Jar Binks fucking up scenes were eliminated, as well as several of his speaking scenes. He became much more bearable, and the Gungans in general elevated to a mysterious race, as opposed to a fairly laughable one. I couldn’t tell much about how they edited Anakin’s ebulliance, but they definitely cut out a few of the more joyous scenes, leaving him more somber and troubled, as really, he should me, neh? Finally, much of the extraneous action sequences have been eliminated (most notably the entire underwater sequence getting to the Naboo capital). The battle scenes were also cleaned up and simplified somewhat (although I can’t tell exactly how without watching the 2 versions side by side).

So overall, I grant the editing some good marks, but whoever encoded the copy I have really sucks. Stupid no sound! I’d like to see a version ripped from the DVD version, just to get the crystal clarity, etc, etc, but it was worth the 6 hours it took me to download, IMO.

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