Richler Font

A font has been commissioned and designed in memory of Mordecai Richler, the late great Canadian author. It was a joint commission between the Giller Prize and Random House Canada. The font is to become the official font used by the Giller Prize

The font was created by Canadian type designer Nick Shinn. At the announcement he described the font as a classic book typeface, comfortable and subtle enough to be read for 300 pages yet with strong, unique, and modern characteristics. The letters “M” and “R” are most distinctive and serve to identify the font. In addition to full sets of letters and punctuation marks in roman, bold, italic, and small caps, the font also has a set of “dingbats” or associated icons reminiscent of its namesake, including reading glasses, a cigar, a rose, a pen, and a glass of scotch.

(from The Globe)

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