goodbye Tuvalu

This is too fucked up: Tuvalu is disapearing under the sea. They are evacuating the ENTIRE COUNtrY, some 11 000 people, to New Zealand, after being rebuffed by Australia. This is because the seas are rising, a result of global warming and other factors. This news snippet scares me beyond words. Sure, it’s ‘just Tuvalu’, but this must be seen as a portent of things to come.

The Tuvalese becomes the first complete nation in exile, who cannot return to their homeland even if they want to.

On a lighter note, how does this affect the fate of the .tv domain? If there’s no more Tuvalu, island or country, they’re probably not deserving of a top-level country domain, are they. And how many .tv domains have been sold in the last few years? Millions, I would expect. I wonder if the owners will have to return them…

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