There’s an article in Salon today extolling the virtues of this year’s crop of ‘indie’ films. This may certainly be true, although I’m no longer an authority as I have seen far fewer films this year than any other in recent memory. Still, I’d seen a good few of the movies listed here, which makes me feel better – I missed most of the blockbusters this year, simply for the fact that they tend to play at the SilverCities of the world, and it takes some real effort to fork over $12.50 (or whatever the cost is now) to see a movie that will be nothing more than fluff. So I’ve spent more time at Tinseltown (which not only lives up to its billing as the best seat in town, but also the best lineup in town), and Fifth Ave. And yes, I admit, I didn’t see any films at the VIFF this year, but I had good intentions. However, I printed up this article, and I now have a list of movies to rent and look for of PPV/Movie Central.

Sidenote: WayDownTown was on last night but I missed it. I think I read that it’s replaying on the 21st, so everyone remind me to watch it then 🙂 and watch it yourselves too! Support Canadian cinema!

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