Working Out.

So about a month ago, I started working out. My folks got me a membership at the YWCA Wellness Centre here in Vancouver as a birthday present. I’ve been going, and plan on going, roughly 3 times a week. Two weeks ago, I had a session with a personal trainer who showed me a routine with weights that I could follow, that is designed to both help me in my swimming exercise and also help my back and shoulder strength, which should help my posture. And I have to say, I’ve been feeling so much better since starting this than I have in a while. And there’s already been noticeable results – I can now comfortably wear a pair of jeans that just over a month ago, I simply could no longer wear. And also, just feeling more alert and alive. It’s been a tough time lately, financially and the like, and so I’ve been feeling pretty stressed. And this certainly has helped. Today, I was all bleh, and not able to concentrate – generally feeling restless. So I went to the gym, did my weight routine, swam my set (600 m), and have just returned. And now I’m awake, feeling more positive, and ready to have some fun tonight. Which, hopefully, I will.

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