CF 5

A couple days ago, I posted a little conversation I had with netscape 4 while trying to fix a browser-compatibility issue. I’m happy to report that I solved this issue. And how? Well, I downloaded Macromedia’s Cold Fusion Studio 5 finally (I own a subscription to the product). It comes, like previous versions of Studio with a little function called ‘Validate code’. I had run this on the page in version 4.5.2, with no real effect. It still didn’t work in Netscape 4. I ran it again under Studio 5, and guess what? I handily listed the 58 invalid lines of code in the document, told me how they were wrong. So I went, item by item, and fixed them all (well, not all. I ignored the HTML 3.2 incompatibilities, because I don’t care about HTML 3.2 anymore). And then, with a little ‘Hey Presto!’, the page worked. Beautifully. In netscape 4, IE 6, Opera 5, netscape 6.1. So yay. And everyone, if you are looking for a kick-ass environment to develop pages it, be they static HTML, CFML, PHP, ASP or JSP, I’ll recommend Cold Fusion Studio 5. It rocks.