B.C. NDP Newswire — November 28, 2001


VANCOUVER – Premier Gordon Campbell is set to double medical service plan premiums, New Democrat Opposition Leader Joy MacPhail said today. MacPhail made the charge in a speech to the BC federation of Labour convention.

MacPhail said the Opposition learned of the premier’s pending move from a highly placed source.

“Bit by bit, Gordon Campbell’s hidden health care agenda is beginning to see the light of day,” said MacPhail. “This latest move will make it considerably more expensive for British Columbians to access health services — services that are being cut as a result of the government’s three year freeze on health funding. “

MacPhail said doubling MSP plan premiums would effectively wipe out the small tax cut received by middle and low income British Columbians and would cost millions to employers who cover their employees’ MSP.

“Gordon Campbell’s move means that if you are middle-income and pay your MSP premium out of pocket you can say good-bye to your small tax cut,” said MacPhail. “It means that if you are an employer who pays MSP premiums for your employees, the cost of doing business in BC is about to go up dramatically. And if you’re one of the thousands of British Columbians earning the minimum wage, and paying for your own health care premiums, well, Merry Christmas from Premier Campbell.”

MacPhail said that Gordon Campbell needs to slow down and consult with British Columbians before making any further dramatic cuts or increasing user fees for health care in BC.

“Gordon Campbell is moving too far too fast, putting our health care system at serious risk. I am asking him to back off his plan to double MSP premiums, and to fulfill his promise to protect and enhance Medicare services.”

go Gord!

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