my 3 tv shows

So Day asked me which 3 TV shows, past or present I would like to have taken part of, in any production capacity (writer, producer, director, etc). These were my answers:

1)Batman & Robin – the original series with Adam West. Why? Because to me, it symbolises all that is camp. And I loved the written fight noises on the screen, plus the show-ending commentary was so perfect..

2) Sportsnight – A couple years ago, Aaron Sorkin was writing the 2 best shows on Televsion : The West Wing, a comedic drama about the people who work in The Whitehouse, and Sportsnight, a sit-com about people working at a sports newscentre. It had a great cast, and some of the best witty dialogue I’ve ever seen on TV.

3)Counterspin – I’ve only seen the Sunday night edition, but I love the topics, I love the way that panelists are chosen and allowed to speak and I love the host, Avi Lewis. It would just be great to be able to claim some responsibility for this show.

Shows that narrowly missed my list: Buffy, Sesame Street, Peewee’s Playhouse, West Wing, Law & Order….