Return of the Son of the Union?

So, as usual, I’ve been watching far too much TV lately. However, there’s been a couple of difference – first, with the lack of engaging book, I find myself mulling these days – I find television both a welcome distraction from my own thoughts’ intrusions as well as a catalyst for reflection. A disturbing thing that I’ve noticed about this years Christmas advertising is that companies no longer seem to consider $1000 a lot to spend on a present for someone. I’ve seen about 12 items being sold for ‘only $899.99’, or ‘Just in time for Christmas, this camera is just $949.99’! Sure, these items are normally electronic items being sold by electronic boutiques, but still…in no way shape or form do I consider a grand an decent price for a christmas present. In addition to re-affirming my own current poverty, these campaigns seem at direct odds at the state of the economy – when so many of my own friends are working part-time jobs, jobs they’re highly overqualified for or simply not working, it strikes me that yes, there is a real recession going on here. And $1000 for one christmas present during this time just seems kindof sick. Of course, were I still making $65K +, maybe not. But I’m not. And most of my friends who were making the mad cash in the tech boom are not anymore. So now I’m repeating myself. But this is for emphasis I tell you, emphasis.

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