Bush vs. the world

Bush to withdraw from ABM treaty

“America and our allies must not be bound to the past. We must be able to build the defenses we need against the enemies of the 21st century,” he said.

Things of note. If the enemies of the 21st century use commerical airliners, anthrax, suicide bombers on busses, sarin, etc, what good will more missiles do?. Also, why is it George Bush, and not USA that is withdrawing? It seems to distance this event from the nation, which is odd, as this will directly affect all of America.

Many critics seem to think that this will spawn a new nuclear arms race. While I don’t know about that – who can afford to keep up with the US? I certainly think it wil cost US taxpayers trillions as they race to develop some Son-Of-Star-Wars that has consistently failed all demonstrations (except for the one they faked a while back and really, seems to be a prime example of military planning and thinking that is ‘bound to the past’.

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