Spiderman #36.

So I just read Amazing Spiderman #26, which is Marvel Comics’ official response to the Sept. 11th attacks in NYC. As these things go, it was pretty good. It was penned by J. Michael Strascinsky, who I’m not a huge fan of – he tends for schlock melodrama in his comics, and has the subtlety of an angered rhinocerous. The art was by John Romita Jr, who is one my three or four favourite comic artists. Overall, I give the story a seven. It was a nice gesture, it serves a purpose and it tells the story well, w/r/t to the existence of superheroes who still could not stop the attack. I thought the inclusion of a tearing Dr. Droom was a little much, but whatever. What really got my goat, however, was that there was an advert every other page almost! I fully expected this to be advert-free – or perhaps an inside cover and back cover ad, something like that. But it seemed to have more adverts than usual almost! And nothing wrecks a set mood like an add for trading cards, or computer games, etc. Growl.