LOtr (2)

Just to confirm that I am indeed a super-geek, I went to go see Lord of the Rings again last night. I went because my brother is in town overnight, and wanted to see the film and I was perfectly willing to see it again. I saw it theatre 4 of the Capitol 6, which is this dinky, dark, old-school theatre: the screen was maybe a quarter of the size of the one at SilverCity, the seats were small, cramped and far too well used to be comfortable, it was too hot and the projector’s light was wearing out so the screen was darker than it should have been. Essentially, it was a terrible viewing experience. The movie, on the other hand, was still wonderful. And, as I expected, I noticed all sorts of things that I didn’t the first time around – like when Frodo is laying injured and Arwen comes to their aid, it is in the clearing with the Trolls who turned to stone in the sun from the Hobbit, as Bilbo related in the opening sequence to the kids at his birthday party. Oddly, the movie seemed shorter this time, as I always knew how long until it ended, whereas when I first saw it, I couldn’t remember when the first book ended. Also fun was that this crowd was much more reactive to stimulus than the one on Tuesday, there were actual shrieks last night – which made the watching more enjoyable, I feel.