So I went and ferreted out a free stats app for this page. I’m using ‘EXtrEME trACKING!’ (I add the caps and exclamation mark sarcastically – it seems that everything is extreme something-or-other, and they are spoken with excitement. Witness virtually anything on ESPN2 for proof. And of course, the X-Games are the worst culprits of this). So, now I’ll hopefully have some idea of who’s viewing this site. Most importantly, I’ll get an idea of what tech is being used to view the site. Apparently, someone out there saw this site using NS 4 on a Mac. To you, my apologies, as I know this site breaks horribly when views in Netscape 4 (some of the time. Sometimes it degrades exactly as it should).

The screen resolution thingy is also useful, as most likely there’ll be a new interface before too long, and I want to know what size of playground I have. Of course, were I really on the ball, I’d write something that’ll display just as well on your palmtop, cellphone, RIM, or whatever, but we’ll see about that later.

Considering that lately I’ve been inspired by what I call ‘the newspaper look’ moreso than I have previous, we may move over to a letterhead/content combo, rather than the current image-driven interface with much of the screen real estate taken up by iconography.

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