Hey!? Where’d the Taj Mahal go?

India is covering up the Taj Mahal

In the northern Indian city of Agra, officials said they were preparing to wrap the Taj Mahal, the legendary 17th century marble mausoleum, in khaki cloth to protect it from a possible Pakistani air strike.

“The Taj shines as far as 40 kilometers (24 miles) away, and is visible especially on moonlit nights. It could be a target,” M.S. Juyal, tourism official in the northern Uttar Pradesh state, told The Associated Press. “We are using khaki camouflage cloth.”

Will covering the Taj Mahal really do anything? couldn’t pretty much *anyone* find it on a map? Also, wouldn’t looking out of your bomber window and seeing a massive, khaki-colored mound be somewhat obvious? Maybe I simply have more faith in the abilities of potential bombers than do others.

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