New Year’s

So I think I’m finally recovered from New Year’s.

I’d started out the day in a foul mood, and it had not improved much come 6:00pm or so. The forced jolility, the massive over-hyping of new year’s as some momentous celebration always irks me. I have in times past gone out of my way to avoid the public on new year’s.

I do, however, love a house party surrounded by friends. Leah had her friends fly in from Toronto. Leah obviously wanted to be with them. I, however, was not so keen. They were to be headed to Jupiter café which I would have gone to. But they ended up at Lotus, for Lotus’ bash, along with numerous other friends. They were also all going to be ‘going nuts’, as I like to phrase it euphamistically, which, being in a foul mood, I didn’t want to do. So around 8:00 or so I headed over to Day & Nicole’s ‘Plan B’ party (plan B because it was supposed to be a last resort if you had nothing else to do. Of course, I’m sure many of us made it plan A). Lauren was there (oh! the inter-referential blog get-togethers!). Abby, who apparently blogs, but I don’t know where, as well as regulars and a couple of new folk (one guy I liked, the other not so much). The party was a blast, and quickly shook me out of my funk. It sucked to not be with Leah right at midnight, I suppose, but it was all good. Come 2:00-ish, when the party was winding down, I headed over to The World to join Leah & co. Fortunately, I managed to get a hold of Guy, who got me both past the lineup and past the cover charge, which was $40.00. Yay Guy! You rock! (he also brought me the VCD of Lotr, but shh!). So we hung out there for a while. Then, we headed over to some friends’ place and hung out there until around 7:00, when me, sans wake-up substance, could no longer stay awake. So home we came. I then slept for the rest of the day, while Leah hung out with her eastern friends until they flew back east sometime. Then she baked, so I woke up to wonderful smells. We proceeded to eat most of it.

But our place, which was beautifully spotless on Sunday afternoon, now looks as if a small twister touched down within the walls. So I think tonight I will clean, clean, clean. At the very least, I will tidy.

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