No Doubt Review Comments

In response to Rolling Stone’s review of No Doubt‘s new album, Rock Steady, the following comments amused me:

Author: limprocks14

Subject: no doubt’s rock steady

Rating: 2 | Somewhat Disagreed with the RS Review Date: 1/3/2002 8:15:27 PM

i think no doubt only cd that was good is tragic kingdom and the only one bec thats when she broke up woth gavin but everything after suxed and the new cd suxed a major amount of cock the only reason i bought it bec i use to be a no doubt fan and this was there last chance they totally sold out

Author: AmyPace

Subject: Limprocks514 or something like that

Rating: 3 | Date: 1/3/2002 8:49:58 PM

umm…you said tragic kingdom was your favorite because it was written right after Gwen and Gavin broke up. NEWS FLASH, Tragic Kingdom was written after Gwen and Tony broke up Gwen and Gavin are still together. REturn to Saturn was written about Gavin. If you were a fan as you say you were you’d know that! Pathetic!

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