Apartment Hunting Blues

So Leah and I struggled outta bed this morning to go see some apartments. We’ve been out ever since, and man am I tired. I’ve seen so many places today – surprisingly, most were decent. We had about 6 appointments, and walked up to about 3 more. What has been a pleasant surprise is just how many apartments there are out there – there certainly weren’t too many in the Sun, but driving and wandering through Kitsilano/South Granville/West End there seems to be much available. Also encouraging was that all but one of the places we looked at was cat-friendly. That one, a large 2 bedroom on W. 13th near Granville, was also bizarre in that the landlord said ‘one party and you’re out!’ So even if they were cat friendly, it would’ve sucked.

There are 3 places that I’m particularly hopeful for. If/when I hear about my new place, I’ll be sure to announce it here. In the interim, please keep your fingers crossed for me, as moving sucks.

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