When smart people get dumb ideas

After reading the NYTimes review of The Reckless Mind: Intellectuals in Politics, I want to read the book.

I’ve been a university graduate for 7 months now (although it feels more like 2 years, seeing as after each year for my last 2 years of university I always thought that I had finished, only to find some new missing requirement, etc) and while i was so glad to be finished, I find myself missing that academic atmosphere. I never had a circle of university friends with whom I discussed subject X (unless X was computers) into the wee hours of the night while consuming our poison of choice as is mythologised so often, but I did truly enjoy in-class discussions about subject. My roommates (and their/my friends) were very intellectual and great to discuss subjects with. I’ve been through a long phase of not wanting meaning in my life: I wanted music without lyrics or purpose beyond making me dance, I read pulp fiction, programming manuals or not at all, I buried myself in code and coding projects, in art I’ve been in love with minimalists and color-fields, where meaning ends in the process or piece itself.

But now I want to think again. I want to challenge and be challenged. I want music with meaning. I want books to make me question. This book sounds like an entertaining place to start.

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