I’m currently watching the movie ‘HomePage‘, a documentary about early web gurus and homepages (precursors to the blog, if you will). It’s an incredibly intense film, focussing on a year in the life of Justin Hall, as he journeys from Swarthmore College to a job at Wired magazine back in 1995-1996. The people who inhabit this film are odd, are real, are optimistic and in retrospect, incredibly naïve about the future and the power of the web as medium. What is obvious also is that these people understand the hypertext nature of the web in a way that few seem to. Whereas I will lazily link a few key points here and there of what I write off to various other topics, they link everything – to other bits of the same page, other pages on their site, other sites, etc. It makes for a convoluted read, in the wonderful that the web should. You can get more info from The IFC

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