More Oral Fun!

Yesterday, continuing a process I started back in Novmber, I went to the dental surgeon to get a titanium post implanted into my jawbone where I’m missing a tooth. In several months from now, they’ll attach a tooth to this post (which is pretty invisible). It really sucked yesterday. First, they had to repeat the process from November of expanding the bone, which took about an hour. THEN they spent the next hour and a half prepping and inserting the post. Both of these procedures involved the user of mallets and wedges and drills, which don’t feel or sound very good in your mouth. That I had to lay still, with adrenaline pumping through my body for 2.5 hours wasn’t so much fun either. Worst, was about 2 hours in, the doctor says, ‘Oh no!’, cuts himself short then scurries round the corner to converse with his assistant. Returning, he assures me that it’s nothing too bad, but they’ll have to do a little more as the post that they put in wasn’t gripping. So they had to go to a bigger post (3.5 X 13 as oppose to 2 X 10 millimetres). Also a bad thing? Local freezing never seems to last more than about 10-15 minutes for me, whereas doctors seems to think it lasts at least twice that long. So as it was wearing off, I had to keep saying ‘ow!’ so they’d know to put more in. Bleh.

Also bad? It’s really, really sore this time. Last time, I was pretty fine after the first few hours. Not so much this time. I even went and filled out the prescription for Tylenol 3, which while I know is supposed to make you drowsy, I also find it gives me pretty good insomnia – so I can’t sleep, but I’m too dopey to do anything but lie there. Even television seems like too much effort to understand. So it was a long night.

And last complaint? So I thought this whole procedure was going to cost between 2500 & 3000 dollars. We’re already up to $4000. And none of this is covered. Granted, my folks are paying (or I wouldn’t be doing this in the first place), but I feel really bad – all I seem to be doing lately is asking them for large sums of money for various reasons. Oh the guilt! the sense of failure!

On the bright side, things are looking up financially – 2 invoices out, and a new rush job just about to start. Yay!

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