As a teen, I spent quite a lot of time in a MUSH called Elendor. Today, Brishen and I were talking about trolling in user groups, and I was telling him about a guy in one of my groups who responds to virtually every post (there’s probably just under 100 a day), is really helpful, but doesn’t seem to do much else. I have seen a photo of him, and he is a massively obese, slightly dirty-looking guy. Your stereotypical übergeek. That got us to reminiscing about Elendor, where both Brishen and I spent some time. here’s an excerpt:
brishen 21/1/200 4:47 PM i remember making friends with a lot of people
in elendor… and later when I look back at it
I can see that they were all people in their
late 20’s early 30’s who had either just lost
their job, got injured, got divorced, etc….

brishen 21/1/200 4:47 PM quite sad actually

brishen 21/1/200 4:47 PM but I didn’t really think about it back when I
was 16

Steve 21/1/200 4:48 PM yeah – the couple of people I’ve kept in
contact with all left once their lives picked
up again…

brishen 21/1/200 4:48 PM yeah, I noticed that as well
not really a bad thing though, I think that it
helped some people

Steve 21/1/200 4:48 PM but it does show what an important social
outlet that these things can be…

brishen 21/1/200 4:50 PM I know. I personally think that they help
people. They help people that don’t have
anyone for whatever reason. Kids who feel
like outcasts, kids who grow up in small
communities, people with problems, etc..

brishen 21/1/200 4:50 PM because such a small percentage ever stay

And in a way, it probably helped me too. And when I no longer got out of it what I wanted, I too moved on and haven’t been back. But then there were some guys who were always there, just hanging out and talking to people. They never went ‘in character’, they just chatted, about whatever. I would have been really interested to see what sort of reactions and conversations were occurring on Elendor in the wake of the Trade Centre attacks – the anonymity of Elendor was so freeing, that people could have really earnest conversations about topics that I (at the time) could never in a million years imagine having in person with someone.

If anyone who comes across this site inhabits Elendor, how’s it doing?