Macromedia: Fucked Company?

In some of the worst news I’ve heard in a while, there’s a rumor over at FuckedCompany that Macromedia maybe looking to be acquired by Microsoft.
Bleh. that would be no good at all. And would probably kill cold fusion. Fortunately, this seems to be just this. But rumors often have a basis in truth, and I worry about the general health of Macromedia.

update : 9:55 am
Hello ,
This was just posted in CFTALK@HOUSEOFFISION.COM

>Doubt its true, if you look at the comments on fuckedcompany on the story
>some of them refer to a rumour in a yahoo newsgroup. Probably someone trying
>to influence share prices

First. Great that you posted here. When you hear things like that you
deserve to get some answer from MM. Thank you.

This is an old rumor. A month old at least. I heard it before we announced
our earnings when our stock spiked pretty well. I think that this
hypothesis, that it was an attempt at manipulation, is correct.

Macromedia, like all web based companies and software companies is facing
challenges in this market. On the other hand, we have had our layoffs
already. We have superior products in the pipeline. The overall economy is
looking quite a bit better. I personally, after 6 years at MM, feel that we
are more focused and more productive and more excited than we ever have
been. I am working on projects that are going to make you all very happy
over time and I think that is the future of MM, not as a subsidiary of MS.

Macromedia is very well positioned for the time being. While I have no
insight into the sales figures or the business. I am very confident that CF
is doing well and that it will continue to do so for some time.

Matt Brown Community Manager
Macromedia (650) 481-4525

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