These past few days have been so busy. I’ve been working on the SFU Annual Report website, building it out to spec. I, as usual, had nothing to do with the design. Nor did this website have any programming requirements. All that was required was my HTML know-how. Which, while I would consider myself an expert, is not my most favourite pastime. So I procrastinated, then built. And built. And then built some more. And then did 2 rounds of corrections, modifications and additions in 2 days. So was much busy at work. At home, we are thick into the unpacking, the cleaning, the rearrangeing of boxes to make room for the furniture, the rearrangeing of the furniture to make room for boxes. Tomorrow, I will unload a massive bookcase that I just loaded because we decided that it should go elsewhere now.
Pencilneck Creations-wise, I’m getting back to business for the Population Health Program out at UBC, and looks like I’ll have a busy month, with 3 or 4 things upcoming.
On another note, my friend Day just launched a beautiful, fun site for Greenpeace, targeted for kids.