Provincial cuts:local effects

A list of cuts the liberals are making, and implications for local government:

From the “In The House” circular sent to Local Governments, “Major
Provincial Government Restructuring Implications for Local Government”
Dated January 18, 2002.

Agriculture, Food and Fisheries:
Overall reduction in operating budget 44.8%
Overall FTEs (full-time equivalent jobs) 17.2%
Programs eliminated:
Fisheries Renewal BC
Rural Development Office
Grant eliminations re: Buy BC
BC wine industry
Women’s Institutes
BC Agriculture Council
BC fairs and exhibitions
Close 6 district offices (Courtenay, Creston, Dawson Creed,
Vanderhoof, Sidney, Smithers) and the Vancouver office.
Discontinue prescriptive regulation
Discontinue Grazing Enhancement Fund
Eliminate development grants
Eliminate Shellfish Aquaculture Working Capital Fund

Attorney General and Minister Responsible for Treaty Negotiations:
Overall reduction in operating budget 14.7%
Overall FTEs 12.6%
Reduction in services:
Close 24 of 68 courthouses in the province
Substantial reduction in funding for legal, family law and poverty law

: Closure of a number of community legal aid offices

Closure of Vancouver executive office
Program of civil, administrative and private law reform
Election Act and related legislation
Risk management strategy to reduce exposure to liability and litigation

Treaty Negotiations Office:
Elimination of TAC funding
“ 51 of 125 positions cut
Consultation units eliminated
Shifting from regional treaty negotiations to “file” based teams drawn
from a common pool
Elimination of advisory committee funding
Reduction of operational funding, BC Treaty Commission

Community, Aboriginal and Women’s Services:
Community enterprise, cooperations and volunteers
Audiobook program
Grants to BC Festival of the Arts
Possibility of reduction in the number of Government Agent offices

Competition, Science and Enterprise:
Overall reduction in operating budget 36%
FTEs 64%
Elimination of inter-provincial trade barriers
Use of public corridors to leverage communication growth
Cut regulations by one-third

Energy and Mines:
Over reduction in operating budget 40%
FTEs 38%
Programs eliminated:
Prospectors Assistance Program
Consolidate 6 regional operations into one central localtion
New Era Commitments:
Protect BC Hydro and all its core assets, including dams, reservoirs
power lines under public ownership
Restore independent BC Utilities Commission to regulate BC Hydro rates

Overall reduction in operating budget 35%
FTEs 35%
Programs eliminated:
Maintenance of recreation and trail sites (transfer to other agencies
close) 2 out of 8 seed orchards and offer the remaining 6 for lease or
sale to the private sector
Privatize or close the 2 Forest nurseries
Cost-free firefighting for non-government assets and interests
Downize or close all Forest Services Offices; downsize the Victoria

Health Planning:
Overall reduction in operating budget 0.1%
FTEs 24%

Health Services:
Health authorities reduced from 52 to 6
$6 billion, one-time expenditure to reconfigure to suit
Reduction of corporate infrastructure across regions
Reduction of laboratory capacity
Alternate service delivery methods and private/public partnerships
Discontinue BC Hearing Aid program and technical support
Fees for non-health care costs of home and community care based on user
ability to pay
Emergency Health Services:
Reduce program management staff
Reduce paramedic staff
Redirect low priority emergency calls to other resources
Eliminate non-emergency patient transfer services, promote use of
alternative providers
Discontinue funding for supplementary benefits (e.g. massage
therapy, chiropractic) except for low-income clients
Eliminate coverage for routine eye exams for adults 19-64 years
Close in-person client service offices in Victoria and Burnaby
Seniors to pay greater portion of drug costs up to $275 per year or
$200 maximum for seniors on premium assistance
Family deductible increase to $200
Income testing to determine new cost coverage
De-listing of some drugs
Home oxygen program devolved to (dumped on) Health Authorities
Capital Financing:
Review previously announced projects
Health Authorities responsible for debt servicing and operating costs
for new capital projects
Explore options for private sector or non-profit partnerships

Human Resources (Welfare)
Overall reduction in operating budget 30%
FTEs 15%
Programs eliminated:
Bus Pass subsidy to senior citizens
Senior supplement, by phasing out
Hardship assistance in certain circumstances (i.e. person quits job
voluntarily, refugee claimants)
36 of 162 offices to be closed
Replace BC Benefits Appeal Board with independent regional tribunals
New legislation will focus on assisting clients to find employment –
employment programs will be performance based.
Eligibility requirement will be reduced and income assistance payments
will be reduced.
Management Services:
Overall reduction in operating budget 34%
FTEs 18%
Programs eliminated:
Equal opportunity Secretariat
Information Technology Career Access Office

Public Safety and Solicitor General:
Overall reduction in operating budget 10.7%
FTEs 21%
Programs eliminated:
Vancouver Pretrial Service Centre
Burnaby Correctional Center for Women
Community contracted drug testing and alcohol drug programs
Funding for delivery of Criminal Documents services ($25 paid to local
government or police to deliver court documents)
Flood protection program (grants to local government for flood
Reduction in Services/Costs:
8 open and medium correctional centres will be closed
5 community probation offices will be closed (Hope, Kitimat,
Parksville, Sidney, 100 Mile House)
2 of 9 Coroners offices will be closed (Victoria, Fraser Valley)
2 residential tenancy offices will be closed (Nanaimo, Vancouver)
52% cost reduction in the Keep of Prisoners Program
Reduce contracts for Alternative Measures (alternatives to formal court
Criminal Record Review Program will recover costs from agencies
whose employees work with children
Self-regulation allowed for:
Motor dealers
Travel services
Private investigators

Sustainable Resource Management:
Overall reduction in operating budget 36%
FTEs 36%
Sustainable Land and Water:
Reduce backlog of water licences and crown land applications
Review pricing policy for land and water resource use
Reduce number of regulatory requirements to streamline decision-making
and increase opportunities for economic development
Eliminate funding for four community resource boards
Reduce the number of regional land title offices
Minimize the provincial role in water utility regulation (transfer some
regional and local)
Provide faster approvals and greater access to land and water resources
Devolve water utility regulation to appropriate authorities and increase
self-regulation of strata-based and resort utilities
Elimination of Forest Land Reserve
Range of uses permitted in ALR will be expanded

Over reduction in operating budget: +1% (sic)
FTEs 61%
Lower Mainland and Victoria Highways offices to be amalgamated.
Private sector involvement included under “Key themes”

Water, Land and Air Protection:
Overall reduction in operating budget 24%
FTE’s 31%
Ensuring positive compliance with expectations
Providing professional and corporate enforcement service where required
Fewer staff resources directed to:
Low-medium risk pollution sources
Providing advice to industry and local government on habitat and
protection and to directly protecting habitat and species where risks
are relatively low
Providing services where recreational use is low or where costs cannot
Discontinuing of:
Permitting for low/medium risk waste management sites
Response to low-risk environmental spills
Operational planning and referrals regarding wildlife, fish and habitat
Freshwater fishing industry development grants, partnerships and advice
Response to low-risk human-wildlife conflicts
Environmental Youth Team
Camping and recreational facilities in lower use parks
Charging less than market rates for park services

Environmental Assessment Office:
Overall reduction in operating budget 37%
FTEs 37%

Premier’s Office:
Establishment of regional transportation authorities
Restoration of an independent BC Utilities Commission
Stopping the expansion of gambling
Aggressively supporting and championing BC’s bid to hold the 2010

The source document for the above extracts does not cover the following
Advanced Education
Children and Family Development
Provincial Revenue
Skill Development and Labour.

(forwarded on to me by Brishen)

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