The Telco.

So I called Leah today, to see how she was doing, leave a message, y’know – the usual reasons to call a person.
So I dial. It rings, then a voice comes on the line ‘I’m sorry; this number has been disconnected or is no longer in service’. I check the number and dial again. Same thing. So I freak out. ‘Oh no! I forgot to pay the phone bill for the last year and they finally cut us off!’ But no. Phone bill balance, it turns out, is completely up to date. We owe this month’s bill and that’s it. Which is normal, as we haven’t received the bill yet. So now what? so I call. The guy on the phone says ‘Did you just move?’ and I said no, I moved at the beginning of the month. ‘Let me just check your workorder’ I said there shouldn’t be a workorder, nothing should be happening to our line. Regardless, our workorder was checked. It was apparently all in order, because the guy said, ‘let me check your line’. So he calls our number and gets the message. Coming back on the line, he says ‘It’s really out of order. I’ll get someone on that right away’ I ask if right away means by the time I get home in 2 hours. He says ‘I’ll expedite it’. I reply, I hope so. I’ll consider each day without service equivalent to a free month of calling. He chuckles. I say I’m not kidding, I’m already unimpressed that it took you 8 days to re-attach my phone (and disconnect the phone at the old place) when we moved. I told him I would further my complaint if I did not have a phone when I returned home. Which is completely out of character for me. Maybe I’m getting balls, or something. But God-Damned Freakin’ Telco’s! We switched from Telus, because they were Godawful, but Sprint, if possible, is worse. I should just cancel my home phone and go back just having a cell phone. Only Clearnet is now Telus, who sucks. And Rogers is an Evil Empire. And Fido gets no coverage. Which leaves….?