Lynn Stephens: Champion of women’s rights

Lynn Stephens, BC’s Minister of State for Women’s Equality (formerly it’s own ministry, now part of the Ministry of Community, Aboriginal, and Women’s Services), has this to say about equality for women:

“People have choices to make for themselves,” she said. “The opportunities are exactly equal. A single woman and a single man have exactly the same opportunities, with the same education.”

She continues on to claim that disparity exists between men’s and women’s average pay because women want to work part time.

She is also careful to stress that “More women are abused, not oppressed”, defending cuts to the ministry while promising to maintain funding for transition houses, etc.

When asked about the tax cuts, Stephens did seem to show some sense of reason, agreeing that rich get richer and the poor get poorer,” only to note, “That’s the world we live in, the world we’ve always lived in.” Her suggested solution: “Well, then, make more money”

She continues on in this insiteful vein on numerous other subject in an interview with the Langley Advance News (Langley is her constituency), from which most of this post was plagiariazed