Marlowe, not Shakespeare

There is an article in Salon today highlighting some of the arguments made by ‘Much Ado about Something’, a documentary about the Marlovians, who believe that it was Christopher Marlowe who wrote all those plays, not Shakespeare, who by their arguments, was no more than a landowner and an actor.

This is a conspiracy theory that I have looked at before. In my last year of highschool, I approached my teacher about writing a paper about Shakespeare conspiricies. I had heard a program on NPR about the Marlowe-as-Shakespeare thing and was intrigued. I was turned down on the basis that I should be writing about Shakespeare’s play, not about the author. And I forgot all about it.

In general, I like conspiracy theories, I admit. I like to think that people in power are using and abusing their positions in all sorts of devious ways. I do tend to pick and choose which ones I like based on nother more than intuition, regardless of the facts presented by either side. I do believe that man landed on the moon. I do believe that the US government itself assassinated JFK. I’m not at all surprised that Shakespeare was a front or a pseudonym – whether it was for Marlowe or not, I don’t know, but I like it. Etc.

Q. for the day: What are your favorite conspiracy theories?