Return of the Son of the Move

As you may recall, we had an awful move. The saga appears to finally be at an end now:

Last week sometime. Early Morning. Me, just about to head out the door, the phone rings. Jesse’s Movers. I complain about the lack of resolution. They ask about damages. We go over the problems once more. I’m promised an offer by the 4th.

The 4th comes and goes without an offer. We send a letter re-outlining all the issues with the move. We demand a full refund.

Today I get a call at work from Jesse’s movers. They’ve received our letter, apparently surprised at our vitriol. They seem to think that $136 + 1/2-hour’s time refund was agreed upon. I dissent, and remind them that this three times they have failed us. In my head, I hear Darth Vader speaking. I tell them I expect a much more reasonable offer. Eventually, we settle on a 50% refund. Not as much as I’d like, but I’ll take it at this point. I’m promised a check in the mail today, and a fax confirming this. They have my fax number. I’ll give them until after lunch to send me a fax confirming, in writing, this. If not, I’ll call back and I won’t take 50% then.

But I hope that this is now over.

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