My Pals Lauren & Emira did the site and it seems like a good thing, so have a gander at this press release:


Stay tuned for humour and excellent research on lesbians and leadership
from www.OddGirlOut.org

(Vancouver) Just in time for International Women’s Day there’s a new
campaign on the street that owes as much to pulp fiction covers from the
70s as to US-based feminist campaigners – the Guerrilla Girls.

www.OddGirlOut.org was unveiled this week to share new research as to
why lesbians often emerge as leaders and innovators in their chosen
pursuits. High-impact campaign posters have popped up across the city.

“When we see popular profiles of women leaders they tend to focus on
political leaders or musicians and almost never mention sexual
orientation. We’re here to talk about the incredible diversity of
contemporary women who are creating change and providing leadership in a
variety of fields – and why they do what they do,” said Maria Hudspith,
a member of LIP, the public research group behind the campaign.

“Our research is meant to counter the invisibility of lesbians when we
talk about innovation and visionary work among women and to look at the
positive contributions and impact made by lesbians to society, ” she
said. “And frankly, given all the intensely negative events – from war
to painful budget cuts we see around us – we feel that it’s important to
share stories of positive contributions when we can.”

The tongue in cheek campaign that riffs off a genre of pulp fiction
novels popular in the 60s and 70s asks viewers to figure out who the
“odd girl” is in their midst. It’s one way to document these
achievements – a good way to provide role models for young lesbians and
young women period.

…and for those of you in Vancouver…

Thursday, March 14, 2002
Vancouver, BC

Odd Girl Out invites you to our launch party!

Join us for a celebratory launch on the evening of Thursday, March 14th
at Sophia’s Tonight (formerly the Olde Foundry Cafe) at 1261 East 2nd,
just west of Clark Drive, from 8:00 pm to whenever. Come in your best
pulp fiction attire!

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